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Sonic's mission is to improve life through enhanced hearing, and they continue to advance that goal every day with two aims in mind: Technology that keeps sound natural and improves speech understanding in noise. Sonic products are built with Speech Variable Processing as their technology foundation. This sophisticated platform not only achieves great sound quality, it includes benefits users love—like binaural processing and the convenience of wireless connectivity. These built-in processing technologies work like the human ear, detecting changing environments and listening situations. Because Sonic knows people value speech sounds, Speech Variable Processing identifies voice frequencies and gives them priority. Beyond a natural listening experience, Sonic incorporates high-tech conveniences, allowing listeners to use their instruments hands free, and even connect them with everyday devices like mobile phones, TVs, music players and more.


hearing aids

Hearing aids literally change the way people experience life. And each individual requires a different mix of technologies, features, and aesthetics. Sonic is proud to offer a range of devices and technology levels to help people everywhere enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life.


custom products

Even though a custom hearing aid is nestled safely in your ear, it’s subject to more harm than you might think. Earwax, sweat, and even moisture from the air can cause problems. So Sonic proactively protects your device in multiple ways, with microphone covers, wax guards, conformal coating and more.



Wireless technology is all around us, making life more convenient than ever. But did you know you can put it to work via your hearing instruments? Sonic wireless accessories are add-on products that make everyday sounds so accessible, you won’t want to listen any other way.